Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter Over Diy

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter Over Diy


Home renovations shows are entertaining and even a little inspiring but the amount of work involved even in a simple painting project is much more than it appears on TV. It is also not quite as fun as the shows make it seem. If you are flirting with the idea of taking on a weekend painting project, you may want to at least rethink that option in favor of hiring a professional painter. There are a few good reasons why a professional painter is a much better choice than a do-it-yourself project.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter Over Diy


Painting your home may seem like a fun and exciting project until you get down to the work. The actual painting is the easy part and even that isn’t so straightforward. Prep work eats up more than half of the time it takes to paint. You need to wash the walls, move furniture around, tape straight lines and a variety of other tasks that are both tedious and uninteresting. Unless you are genuinely passionate about DIY, it is better to avoid the hustle entirely and just get a professional who is happy to do it.


Even professional painters are prone to injury even after years of experience and observing safety. The world works in mysterious ways and injury is always a factor in any project of this kind. If you are going to be stepping on a ladder more than 2 feet tall, you had rather get a professional to do the job. Going to the hospital for a broken arm (or worse) won’t save you the money you thought you’d save by doing the project yourself.


There is always a good chance that you are overestimating your painting skills especially if you have never done this type of work before. Painting is a lot more complex than it looks. There are proper tools (which are expensive to purchase), different grades and quality of paints and proper techniques. Even with all these in the bag, you still wouldn’t be able to replicate the work of an experienced local Calgary painter simply because he does it all day every day.


There is no one to blame after you spend days painting your home only to realize you have done a terrible job. You may even damage furniture or fixtures in the process, all of which come out of your pocket. A professional painter is insured. This guarantee means that in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you will have it fixed at no extra expense on your part.

Unless you are a professional painter, there is every reason why you should spend the money on a professional rather than do the project yourself. If nothing else, you can be sure that a professional paint job is impossible to replicate especially if you have no previous experience.

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