The Top Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Fencing for Your Property

The Top Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Fencing for Your Property


Fencing is not just for property protection – if you want your property to have a bit of curb appeal, the fence you choose makes a big difference. The right fencing can do a lot for the look of your property, but its primary function is often to protect your property and keep everyone inside your property.

The Top Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Fencing for Your Property

But when you are planning to install fencing, how do you choose the right one? It entails some careful planning, especially since the proper fencing is indeed an investment and can add to the value of your home. Here are the top questions you should ask yourself when choosing to the fence for your property.

Why do I need it?

Ask yourself why you need fencing. Do you need fencing to contain something within your property (such as kids and pets) and establish a clear boundary? Do you need fencing so that you can enhance your privacy? If you are concerned about security, this is one valid reason to consider the proper fencing as well. Do you need fencing for the simple reason that you want to enhance the visual appeal of your property and add to its value? Your answers will determine your decisions when it comes to the ideal fencing.

What are my options in materials?

Another primary consideration is the material of your fence. If you aim to contain something within your property, it follows that you need material which is sturdy and durable. Consider other specifics as well: if the purpose of your fence is to contain a pet, make sure you build your fence so that your pets cannot jump over it or dig under it.

If privacy is a worry, you may want a wooden fence, as wooden fencing is perfect for privacy – you can choose wooden fencing with narrow spacing and picket widths, so the boards are closer together, for example. If your concern is security, most types of fencing will do, as long as the fencing is tall – above the height of an average person.

But for protection, it’s better to choose fencing which has a smooth façade so you can discourage intruders from climbing the fence. If your fence serves a decorative purpose, you can opt for a wooden picket fence for an elegant and classic look.

Do I have to maintain it?

If you don’t see yourself spending a lot of time maintaining your fence, you can consider a vinyl or aluminum fence, since they don’t require too much upkeep. But the downside to such materials is that when a part becomes damaged, it can be hard to repair – you may have to replace the entire fence just for a small part, and it can be challenging to find the same material style or manufacturer which can match the look of the original fence.

Wooden fencing, while requiring upkeep in the sense that it may need to painting and staining, is often better because you can quickly repair it if a part gets damaged, as confirmed by the fencing experts from AB Fencing (visit their website to know more). Also, nowadays, you can find wood stains which can protect your wooden fence from bugs, ultraviolet rays, or rot.

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