Trying to Get Rid of Roaches- Go the Natural Way!

Trying to Get Rid of Roaches- Go the Natural Way!


Who does not want their home to be clean? We all do! No matter how hard we try to keep our home clean, wash all the dishes before going to bed, clean all nook and corner of our house with soap and detergent, etc., cockroaches keep coming back!

Trying to Get Rid of Roaches- Go the Natural Way!

Science says that roaches can thrive without food for a “Whole Month”, but cannot survive for a week, without water! So spilled water is their favorite meal!! That is disgusting, isn’t it! Irrespective to what we do to keep our surrounding clean and tidy, roaches are bound to infest, unless we do not pest control at our home to keep them away from our boundaries…

Doing some useful research, it helps!

There are many online sources that can give us quick and easy solutions, to get rid of these pests in a natural way, which seems the most convenient way to deal with them as they are not very harmful unlike the various chemical filled repellents that we get in the market, as if we check on the internet pestwiki website is a good site to collect all the information related to professional pest prevention with other helpful information related to pest and it the ways to prevent it. This site is definitely worth our time when we are cornered and pestered by them!

As we go along the elaborate information we get to understand that there are very much effective and natural ways to kill roaches that too homemade, so we don’t have run helter-skelter in search of specific things, rather these are rightly available at our home itself!

Ways to get rid of roaches naturally

Keeping our home clean stands in first, not only keeping it clean is essential but also finding the right places where the roaches have infested and then targeting such places with natural roach killer repellents is the fastest way to deal with this problem. The problem areas are the cracks and holes, baseboard, interior, and exterior pipes, walls and floors, decks, porches, steps, doors, roof, windows, etc. each of these places can be the treatment areas which have to be treated immediately.

The natural roach killer repellent is safest to use, as they are more effective and not harmful to humans but deadly to these pests. Bay leaf stands as the most strong and natural roach killing repellent as it has eucalyptol or cineole, all we have to do is leave few dried bay leaves near the infected areas they prevent roaches to come back! Along with bay leaves, catnip leaves also contain nepetalactone, which acts as a useful and natural roach killer repellent. Natural repellents are amazing and prove effective in keeping roaches out of our home and keep ourselves from deadly diseases spread by this nasty pest.

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