4 Great Reasons Why Carpet Is the Best Floor Covering Choice

4 Great Reasons Why Carpet Is the Best Floor Covering Choice


There are so many options when it comes to picking a floor covering for your home, and at times it can get a little confusing. Carpet has been and still remains, a very popular choice in the UK and it does have a number of advantages over its competitors. A lot depends on the kind of room that you wish to put your floor covering on, and a lot depends on your budget as well.

4 Great Reasons Why Carpet Is the Best Floor Covering Choice

You may also be a very busy person working at the office all the time, and you need to choose a floor covering that looks good all the time, with the very minimum of maintenance. Here are some great reasons why carpet may be your best choice.

Looks Great – It simply boils down to style and originality. You will look through the pages of magazines and there will be wooden floors throughout homes, and people telling you how beautiful it all looks. However, people seem to forget the beauty, that is carpet. It is available in so many designs that it would be impossible to count them, and it is made in different piles and materials.

There is nothing worse than stepping onto the cold tiles on your floor early in the morning, and as you know, UK weather isn’t what you would call warm. Carpet is comfortable, it’s cozy and soft, and sometimes has a thick pile you can just lay down in, and fall asleep.

Greater Absorbency – Tiles and concrete floors are just too difficult to stand on for a long period of time. You find yourself having backache and having pains in your feet. It is just not suitable as these surfaces are too hard, and there is no shock absorbency offered by them. There is no give in them and your feet are constantly met by an unforgiving floor surface. Carpet absorbs your body weight and acts as a kind of cushion, as you walk across it.

Great Insulation – Carpet provides the ultimate insulation for your room. If you have tiles, concrete floor or wooden floor, then there really is no insulation from the cold weather here. The thicker your carpet, the higher the insulation level, and this is both good for you and for your electricity bill. Remember as well, that they will usually put some kind of underlay when carpet fitting in Brighton, under your new carpet, and this will provide even more insulation from the cold, and make the surface even softer.

Helps With Allergies – There are those who say that carpet increases the symptoms of allergies. However, according to a German study in 2005, carpet actually had the opposite effect. It was found that bare floors that have just concrete or tiles, contributed to allergies more, as the fine particles of dust, was able to move more freely around the home. Carpet, however, minimized this risk, due to its holding the particles in.

We have been putting carpet on our floors in the UK and we will continue to do so well into the future, as it provides warmth and comfort and makes any home or office look great.

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