Methods to Clean Decorative StonesMethods to Clean Decorative Stones

Methods to Clean Decorative Stones


Natural stones are the first material that humans ever used. Its care and maintenance are some of the oldest tasks that are mastered and performed by our ancestors. These tasks are taken over by cleaning companies, and with their experience, they will give you many years of beauty and enjoyment in the charms of natural stones. Call us today if you need advice on how to properly clean the decorative stones in your home.

Methods to Clean Decorative StonesMethods to Clean Decorative Stones

Cleaning stains from stone (granite, marble, ceramics, etc.) can be a problem, and what you must do is remove the stain as soon as possible.

If it is a liquid, you can clean it by using paper towels or handkerchiefs, make sure that the paper easily absorbs liquids. For cleaning, you should be used cold water and detergent. The procedure can be repeated several times until the surface is completely clean. Note that the products should not contain any chemicals.

If the stain is still visible, then it is very likely that several chemical reactions already occurred and caused damage to the stone. Even though in many cases it will be too late to try to remove such stains from the surface, you can try using natural cleaning products for marble. It should be noted that mixing some chemicals can cause a change in the characteristics and so completely damage the surface, so therefore use only proven products for cleaning.

In this particular case, marble and the other types of stone including ceramics are particularly porous, and if liquids must immediately be removed from the surface, and the cleaning process will be much easier to perform.

Before using cleaning products, it is important to know how the stain was formed and what caused it, which is mostly based on chemical composition, because it can happen that a product contains iron which will react with some chemical elements and cause discoloration.

If you need help cleaning here are some small tips that can help you make this an easier process:

1. The stained places should be cleaned with cold, distilled water and a chemical-free detergent such as soap.
2. Treat the stained place immediately to avoid causing permanent damage. 3.Use soft paper to collect the liquids and then wash the place with water.
4. You can use toothpaste to clean stains and dirt from marble and granite
5.Once you apply the toothpaste cover it with tin foil and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before you remove it.
6.You can use all kinds of toothpaste, just make sure not to use a strong one.
7.Before you remove it, make sure the toothpaste is completely dry.
8.When dry, remove the paste and clean it with cold water.
9.If the stain is still visible, but it is somehow faded, repeat the process until it disappears completely.
10.If none of these methods work, make sure you ask for a help from professional cleaners.

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