How You Should Take Care of Ceramic Decorative Vases

How You Should Take Care of Ceramic Decorative Vases


Vases play a significant role in adding beauty to the appearance of your houses. A plethora of designs are available for the ceramic decorative vases, and people are heading towards getting brand new voguish ones. But, do you take enough care of its hygiene?

How You Should Take Care of Ceramic Decorative Vases

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects; you should take care. But most often, cleaning this delicate piece of beauty leads to destroying it. When the entire vase breaks, along with the shattered pieces of it, our heart is also crushed. When you splurge an umpteen amount of dollars on it, and you had an emotional connection with its beauty, then hurting yourselves is apparent. Therefore, it becomes necessary to assure that your favorite vase is safe and maintain its hygiene.

We understand your concern towards the cleanliness of your house. Below is a list of the proper ways to take care of your extravagant vases in such a way that neither its safety nor its hygiene is compromised. Explore the points mentioned as under, and you’ll get a clear idea of the same.

Eliminating Silver or Pencil Marks

One of the most common concerns of the majority of the people is to remove silver or pencil marks from the antique vases. Metal polish works best to remove silver marks from a vase. You just need to gently place your vase on the table and take a little bit of metal polish on the rag to rub on the silver spots. It is definitely worth your efforts when you are sure that aim is going to achieve. This way you can bring your fantastic antique piece back to new condition.

Moreover, another effective method to eliminate marks from it is to use a sponge and warm water for always rubbing on the spot. And using a pencil eraser on the pencil marks would surely help you to remove it efficiently.

Removing Paint Specs

If your house gets revamped, including wall painting, then it is evident that some drops of it would leave a blot on your favorite ceramic vase. This speck hampers the whole beauty of the home, making a prerequisite to remove it thoroughly.

To clean the blot of paint from the vase, acetone would prove to be the best and most effective. If the blots of colors are thick, use safety pins to flake the paint and acetone will do rest of the work.

Sometimes, the paint blots on the vase appear since the time you have bought it. So ensure that you are getting is impeccable. For laying your hands on the high-quality ceramic decorative vases, just browse

Cleaning Dirt

When a vase comes in direct contact with air, it is more likely to collect dirt and grime on it. Keeping your windows open for fresh air and ventilation, may cause dirt and grime on the vase.

For cleaning dust from the ceramic vase, you just need to soak it in hot water at least for 24 hours. If you find it difficult to get rid of tough grease on it, attempt adding a cup of ammonia to every gallon of water to achieve desired output painlessly.

Looking after the cleanliness of decorative ceramic vases isn’t a tedious task. It’s just that you need to take accurate measures while cleaning it. However, cleaning any stains from a vase becomes very essential, as it would incredibly affect your personality and the appearance of your home decor.

Nobody would like to have a stained, ugly looking vase in their house as it would not add to the beauty of his/her home. So stick to the cleanliness routine mentioned in this article and increase the lifespan of your stylish vases.

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