Why Canvas Prints Are the Perfect Diy Wall Art

Why Canvas Prints Are the Perfect Diy Wall Art


You’d have to have been living seriously off the grid (or just neglected to stop by the “art” department at Homegoods) not to be aware of one of the easiest and coolest ways to decorate your apartment since the throw pillow. Canvas prints are just what they sound like: an everyday canvas that used to only be used for painting but instead is now used by many different people and companies to have photos printed on them.

Why Canvas Prints Are the Perfect Diy Wall Art

You can get virtually anything printed on a canvas, and it costs way less than getting a picture professionally framed. Because of those two things, the decor options within your price range have just skyrocketed. Trust us.


Anyone who’s tried to get a large print or photo professionally framed or even purchased a frame themselves knows that the process isn’t cheap or easy. When you consider that what you’re framing is probably cheaper than the actual frame, it kills the excitement and fun of the whole thing. But printing a photo on canvas is a fraction of the cost of getting one professionally framed.

If you’ve ever wanted to feature your family or wedding photos in larger prints than 8x10s, but couldn’t afford the cost of getting them printed and framed, canvas printing is the thing for you. If you’ve always wanted a wall entirely devoted to the selfie you managed to get with Justin Bieber, it’s now within your grasp.

Plus, it’s so, so easy to do. Once you have a photo that has the appropriate resolution, you don’t even need to get out of bed to do your ordering. There are plenty of online companies that have mastered making the ordering process incredibly foolproof. The only work you’ll have to do is to hang them, and that’s the fun part!


Because you can pick or even take the photos you display on a canvas print, it means your home decor will automatically have a far more personal feel to it. If you can’t afford anything but Ikea furniture, you might have stuff that looks coordinated, but perhaps is lacking in personality. Getting some pictures from your best friend’s wedding or sunset you saw on a trip to Mexico, and having them printed onto canvas will give your walls a more homey feel (even if the photos are so good they look store bought).


If you’ve always wanted a big statement piece to put on your wall, your only options are usually tapestries that tend to be affordable (but hippy-ish) or something more expensive, but more sophisticated. Not so with canvas prints. You have many more options when it comes to size, and by putting together a few large pieces in a row, you can give the illusion of more space.

Check around to different online companies like Canvas Print HQ to see what the optimal resolution is for a large print and then get out and snap away. Canvas prints for photographers typically have specific requirements. You may need to borrow a decent camera if you want something that will be a larger statement piece.

We recommend going this route considering you can hang a floor-to-ceiling landscape on a blank wall and have it act like a new window. Your home will look bigger and you won’t have had to do a thing but take a photo and order canvas prints online.

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