It’s Time to Invest in Time!

It’s Time to Invest in Time!


Clocks. Watches. Digital numbers, analog numbers. Phone clocks, traditional clocks, or no clock at all (sundials still haven’t gone out of fashion!).

It’s Time to Invest in Time!

However we choose to tell the time, we all need to do it. We rely on time to get us to appointments and meetings punctually, to define a pattern of working hours so you aren’t grafting for too long or not enough. Time gives us routine, structure, a place in which to start exciting new projects and end important tasks.

Time has been written in history since the 1500s when the Egyptians designed one of the first sundials. Since then an important part of what we do and where we come from has developed. The telling of time means we can attribute key events in history to a specific period. We can investigate where our ancestors came from (along with the first census records dating back to 1500 BC) and most importantly it allows us to celebrate birthdays and special events!

So it’s no wonder that time is important to us. What device we choose to tell the time is equally important. Whether that’s an analog clock set up on your wall or the digits that flash up on your phone or watch, you just simply can’t live in a world without telling the time.

Don’t just get by in life telling the time from your microwave or oven! Invest in a timeless classic piece or a modern twist that will be the talk of all your friends – purchase a skeleton wall clock!

What are skeleton wall clocks?

There’s nothing spooky about skeleton wall clocks. No, they’re not used at Halloween for scaring off trick or treaters! Skeleton wall clocks at Contemporary Heaven are unique, delicately hand-crafted pieces made with the care and attention any beautiful artwork deserves.

The material is made from strong metal, with designs to suit your taste. Traditional, Roman numerals or a more modern feel can really bring out the room, a fine focal point in any home.

These clocks are crafted with no backing that you see on common wall clocks. They are made using just the ‘skeleton’ of the clock with simple mechanics but intricate designs. They’re fast becoming a popular commodity, and with our range of skeleton wall clocks, there’s sure to be a design that matches your style.

Be bold and buy orange! Our Acrylic Gloss skeleton wall clock will wow your friends! Or choose from our wide range of vintage wall clocks and add a classic piece to your home.

Whatever budget to suit from simple delicate designs to grand masterpieces, invest in time today and discover skeleton wall clocks – we all have skeletons in our closet, don’t let these clocks be one of them!

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