What Is Glass Silver Foil Mosaic Jinyuan Mosaic

What Is Glass Silver Foil Mosaic Jinyuan Mosaic

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To be completely clear of the SILVER MOSAIC, in three ways, what is silver, and what is silver foil, on this basis to figure out what is the silver Mosaic.

What Is Glass Silver Foil Mosaic Jinyuan Mosaic

1, About metal silver

Sterling silver is a beautiful white metal, the silver chemical symbol Ag, from its Latin name Argentum, is “light, bright” meaning. Its English name is Silver.

In ancient times, people knew about silver. Silver, like gold, is a venerable precious metal that has been around for more than 4,000 years. Due to its unique characteristics, it has been endowed with a double value of money and decoration. The history of human discovery and use of silver has existed for at least two thousand years.

In the spring and autumn period of the spring and autumn period, Chinese archaeologists have found the “gold and silver fault” (a pattern of gold and silver inlays) embedded in the surface of the utensil. Silver has been unearthed from the tomb of the Han dynasty. In ancient times, the great use of silver is to act as a medium of exchange – currency.

Silver and white, soft and bright, are the favorite decorations of ethnic minorities, Buddhism and Islam. The European and American people, under the influence of the retro trend, wear the silver and black silver turquoise jewelry which is black and oxidized, which brings the great imagination to the ancient civilization. In the domestic, pure silver jewelry also gradually becomes the most popular choice of modern fashionable women. Silver is one of the metals known in ancient times.

Silver is more active than gold, although it is about 15 times more abundant in the crust than gold, it rarely exists in a single state, so its discovery is later than Kim’s. In ancient times, people had known about mining silver, because the amount of silver that was obtained at that time was so small that it was more expensive than gold.

Between 1780 and 1580 BC, the law of the Egyptian dynasty stipulated that silver was twice as valuable as gold, and even in the 17th century, the value of Japanese gold and silver was equal. Silver was first used as an ornament and cutlery before it became a currency.

2, The physical and chemical properties of silver

(1), Physical properties of silver:

The molecular structure of silver is equiaxial crystal. The crystal is octahedral or hexahedral crystal. So the silver color is white. So the ancient Chinese also called silver or platinum. So made of silver foil Mosaic color than electroplating Mosaic, Mosaic of cold spray aluminum and the aluminum foil Mosaic more pure white, simple sense is better.

(2), Chemical properties of silver:

To special mention here is silver chemistry. The foundation of this is that we used to make silver foil Mosaic. Namely: the order of the silver in metal activity table, ranked third, with silver will not directly combine with oxygen, very stable chemical properties. And definitely not with alkali reaction. Therefore, to make the silver foil Mosaic from silver foil will not react with cement such as bonding agent and oxygen in the air and become angry. That’s silver foil jinyuan Mosaic Mosaic alkali resistance, water resistance, no oxidation theory foundation.

(3), silver foil.

The market, most of the so-called silver foil, aluminum foil. Aluminum foil color gray, silver color is white. The two together, distinct, it is determined by the molecular structure of the both. But more importantly, aluminum is amphoteric metal, namely: the aluminum can react with acid, can react with alkali again. Still can react with oxygen in the air.

So use aluminum to imitation silver foil, although cheap, but very easy to change color. And adornment beautiful sex than a silver foil effect of silvery white, too. So, when the choose and buy, be sure to look for the jin yuan authentic silver foil Mosaic Mosaic brand. Only jinyuan Mosaic of silver foil Mosaic alkali resistance, water resistance, oxidation resistance, do not change color.


With real sterling, silver foil and glass stick together is the silver foil glass Mosaic. Silver foil glass Mosaic based on texture divided into flat silver foil glass Mosaic and wavy silver foil Mosaic. According to the divided into the shape of strip silver foil glass Mosaic, round silver foil Mosaic, square silver foil Mosaic, diamond silver foil Mosaic, etc.

On the basis of glass process divided into straight edge trimming silver foil glass Mosaic and hot melt glass silver foil Mosaic. In accordance with silver foil or glass of different colors and can be divided into pure silver foil Mosaic, light gray silver foil Mosaic, gray silver foil Mosaic, and dark grey silver foil Mosaic.

(5), Silver Mosaic

Mosaic made of silver, is one of the silver Mosaic. Silver is the sterling silver. However, in the market, in addition to the silver foil Mosaic, yet there are other processes made of SILVER MOSAIC WALL ART. Such as aluminum foil Mosaic, Mosaic, cold spray aluminum powder plating aluminum Mosaic and so on. The process of silver Mosaic, in addition to the silver foil Mosaic, cannot alkali, not waterproof, can use alkaline dope installation.

Color is not pure silver foil Mosaic of pure silver. So would like to point out here, a lot of people say there is a silver Mosaic, in fact, there is no silver Mosaic, because the molecular weight of 108 silver, silver is particularly heavy, especially easy to sink, molecules and silver special-density, cannot merge with resin. So can’t spray, so-called Mosaic of silver powder on the market, is aluminum imitation, so the color gray, and easy to change color after installation.

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