How You Should Unclog Blocked Downspouts to Save Your Roof

How You Should Unclog Blocked Downspouts to Save Your Roof?


If you can feel a mysterious smell coming, it is more likely because of the blockage in your drainage system. You can use simple tricks to keep your downspout unclogged and well-maintained. You must also have a little know-how about why you must keep it clean.

How You Should Unclog Blocked Downspouts to Save Your Roof

Here are a few reasons listed down which would make you want to clean it every now and then.

It can rot the wood.

Due to the water, your walkways and driveways can get sagged.
It can attract various animals and insects.
It can weaken the whole structure and foundation of your roofing.
Now, if you see any water getting spilled over the edges, joints, and below the gutter, make sure you take these early signs very seriously and start planning to clean it.

Tools & Materials

The first step is to have proper tools and materials which you might need during the cleaning. Such tools and materials include ladder, plastic bucket, garden hose, leaf scooper, and plumber’s snake. You can use these tools for different cleaning methods. However, the method may vary depending upon the type of material and place.

For Downspout Cages

If you have to clean the downspout cages, you can remove all the dust, debris, and dead leaves from the cage. If you find out that the downspout cage is de-shaped and molded, you can simply replace it with a new one as it is quite cheap.

For clogs in the Elbows

You can use a leaf blower for the bottom which can cause debris to fly out. Make sure you wear your goggles to keep your eyes and skin protected. If you start from the use of stick and hose, the debris might get loose and will be easily removed. The trick is to reach the clog from the above with a plumber snake or a hose. If you get succeed in reaching it, it will become easier for you to remove the clog.

For Loose Spikes & Hangers

It’s the same process as it was for the cages. You can try your best to remove the debris and dead leaves by putting on your hand-gloves. However, if you feel like these spikes and hangers are not providing enough support, you can simply replace them with the new ones.

For Clogs Underground

For the underground clogs, you must remove the downspout from where it is entering the ground. It’s good if you can get to the clog through a plumber snake. Otherwise, try to push it with a hose into the underground portion. With the use of a long stick, you can cause the stagnant water to flow again.

Help from a Professional

Unclogging of the downspout is no less than a headache for the homeowners. You must keep a check on your gutters to prevent the blockages beforehand. However, if you feel like these tricks can’t help you, you can take help from a professional contractor for roofing Dearborn Michigan. He will take care of everything smartly and quickly by saving your money in the long run.

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