Simple Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Safer

Simple Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Safer


If you think to stay at home will be assurance against any accident, better think again. Although your humble abode takes you far from the dangers of the city, your safety is still not guaranteed. As a matter of fact, every area of your residence can be a threat to your safety and those of your loved ones.

What you should do is take preventive measures to ensure every person staying in your place are safe all the time. One particular area you should keep a close watch on is your bathroom. In order to make this happen, you can follow these simple bathroom safety tips.


Bathroom floors are often filled with water every time you use this particular area of your home. If you are not too careful, there’s a chance you will slip and hurt yourself. You might end with a couple of broken bones or worse, a serious injury to your head.

Non-slip floor mats

Rather than endure all the hardships these accidents might bring, it’s better to prevent them from happening in the first place. A good way to accomplish this feat is to place a non-slip floor mat inside your bathroom. As compared to conventional mats, the non-slip variation won’t move around when it is exposed to water. In this way, your feet will have a solid grip on your bathroom floor.


Another way of preventing anyone from slipping in the bathroom is to install grab rails. One of the first instincts you will experience when slipping is to quickly hold on to something. These grab rails are perfect insurance when your bathroom floor gets too slippery. You should go for rails that are made from tough and sturdy materials so they will last longer. Just make sure to install these grab rails securely on your bathroom walls so it won’t be an additional danger to you.


You might be asking yourself, what are the advantages of shower screens? For starters, it helps you have more privacy whenever you take a bath. Another advantage is this screen prevents water from being splattered all over your bathroom floor. In this way, you won’t need to move slowly all around your bathroom after taking a bath. Instead, you can walk around freely with the knowledge that these shower screens help lessen the amount of water on the floor.


Oftentimes, not seeing well can lead to an accident. This is true, especially in an accident-prone room like your bathroom. The wisest course of action is to check if your current light bulbs are doing their job well. If they aren’t, it may be time to take them out and use new bulbs instead. Keep in mind that energy-efficient lighting fixtures will go a long way in saving more money without a compromise in performance.


It’s really a struggle to feel suffocated inside your bathroom, especially if it has no windows in it. What you should do is install a ventilation fan to make sure air circulates around your bathroom and exits properly. In this manner, you’ll feel at ease every time you take bath or brush your teeth. At the same time, proper ventilation will also prevent mold from growing in your bathroom too.

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