5 Ways Small Bathroom Vanities Can Improve Your Home

5 Ways Small Bathroom Vanities Can Improve Your Home


Your space is small and cozy and does not offer much room for you to develop all of your decorating ideas. But it can be just as fun to innovate, improvise, and adapt to such a house. Your bathroom is one of your biggest challenges. Bathrooms in small houses tend to be uncomfortable if they are not designed and decorated with care and intelligence.

Installing small bathroom vanities that add a bit of color and warmth to the area will make it much more comfortable than it currently is. Here are a few ideas:

An open unit

Further confinement is the last thing you want in an already confined space. If you have high-quality towels and scented soaps, you want to leave them out where they can add atmosphere to the room. That is why you should choose an open vanity unit so that you can simply lay stuff on the shelves and other surfaces available to you.

A dose of flair

A small space need not be a dull and drab space. Brighten things up a bit with inventive, creative, and perhaps even bizarre hand towel hooks and toothbrush holders. You may even want to have a mirror installed that is a bit whacky. And you can liven things up even further with lighting that is original. Doing so can actually make space seem bigger.

Built-in transformation

The challenge when working with a small room is to use every inch wisely. Rather than buying items to place in front of the wall you should build into the wall itself. You can turn one side of your bathroom walls into a built-in storage space to hold extra towels, candles, and so forth. You can then put a small table between the two storage units to hold toiletries and a small, elegantly designed sink bowl.

A floating vanity

This is one of the newest fads. A floating vanity refers to a design that gives the illusion of a sink or shelf area that appears to be suspended in air. This can make the room seem larger and it can free up a great deal of floor space.

The right mirror

If you intend to make the mirror the dominant feature of your bathroom, you must ensure it is well-designed and well-placed. Installing the perfect mirror makes all the difference in the world.

Making good use of corners

If your bathroom is especially small, then you will need to make good use of the corners. In fact, putting vanity cabinets, shelves, and mirrors in the corner can work to your advantage. It will free up a great deal of space for the shower and sink area. Or, you may want to do the reverse: install a shower in the corner and leave the rest of the space free for vanity furniture.

As can be seen, there are plenty of ways to make a small bathroom comfortable and elegant. It is really a matter of exercising your imagination and creative spirit.

If you are looking for great ideas to improve your small bathroom, you need to look no further. Visit this site for a list of great ideas for small bathroom vanities.

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