Locksmith Facts You Should Know

Locksmith Facts You Should Know


With the passage of time, many misinterpretations and misunderstandings are getting developed about what locksmiths are and what are they capable of. It is important to ignore the myths by analyzing more of the facts with regard to their line of work.

Locksmith Facts You Should Know

It is also important to carry out the right procedure of placing the locksmiths in their right pedestal to truly appreciate the quality services of deserving and skilled locksmiths. Here are some of the locksmith facts which are worth mentioning.

Locksmiths Don’t Have the Key Copies

It is generally assumed that locksmiths keep copies of keys for you to get a spare key whenever you need it. But this is simply untrue and also against the basic safety measures. Locksmiths provide you only with the services you request and it doesn’t require them keeping key copies in hand. They serve the purpose of having access to your home or car but only when you allow them.

When you give them your key, they are supposed to trace the pattern and give the key back to you when they are done. You can even watch the entire process while it’s happening to make sure that they don’t make any other copy without your permission.

Availability for 24/7

Not all locksmith companies provide with 24/7 service. But if there are companies like Locksmith Philadelphia which tag themselves as “Emergency Locksmiths”, they are always ready to cater all your security and emergency needs around the clock.

However, if you are facing other problems like whether you need to replace the locks or not, you can take help from professional locksmiths to guide you through it. This way, you won’t feel any need to worry much about your security.


People generally tend to ignore the importance of licenses and certifications. However, it is really important for a professional locksmith to carry his license all the times. So, whenever anyone needs it, he will have to show it right there for the satisfaction of the customers. It is also valid by law, so you can easily verify through online services that your locksmith is properly licensed by the government or not.

Rekeying Instead of Replacing

If you find the old locks in your home which are installed by the old homeowner, there is no need to waste money on replacing the locks. You can simply rekey the locks by changing the configurations of your existing locks. This way, you will be able to open them with new keys. Also, the old keys will then become useless. However, there might be other situations and circumstances which would make you go for replacing the locks altogether.

So, if a locksmith advises you to replace your locks instead of rekeying it, this fact and information would help you and keep you safe from falling prey of any fraud and misguidance.

If you keep these locksmith facts in mind, it will help you in fulfilling all your safety concerns in a proper way.

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