Bathtubs, Basins and the Keys to a Beautiful Bathroom

Bathtubs, Basins and the Keys to a Beautiful Bathroom


Beautiful bathrooms are the dream of every homeowner, but the idea of a complete remodel for each, with new bathroom toilets, elegant freestanding tubs, and even new style bathroom toilets, seems simply out of reach because of either cost or a lack of understanding of how to get it done efficiently.

In terms of cost, a bathroom upgrade will typically run less than ten thousand dollars depending on what you want to be done exactly and how fancy you want your bathrooms. There are some extravagant amenities available for the bathroom, so if you plan on doing several and making them fancy, expect to pay a pretty penny.

In terms of getting it done, a bathroom remodels will require a contractor who will look to tear things down before he can build them back up. This requires time and will certainly cause an inconvenience to you and your family. All in all, however, it might be worth being put out for a while to get the bathrooms you want.

For most homeowners who want new bathrooms the options above simply do not work and for them, the great news is that there are some shortcuts that can deliver great looking bathrooms for less money. This article will discuss some impactful and beautiful bathroom upgrades that homeowners need to be aware of. Here are some of the things they can do to save time and cost on a full bathroom remodel and still end up happy.


The bathtub has become cool again and everyone is considering it as a focal point of a bathroom remodel. If you have space and want to focus on one amenity in your bathroom the bathtub is a great choice. Today there are many traditional and contemporary styles you can choose from in a variety of different materials including copper and ceramic. You will need to hire a professional to install the new bathtub but the overall effect and added beauty will be worth the expense.


If you never notice your bathroom basin, you are way behind the times in terms of fashion statements. Today’s bathroom basins are functional and beautiful. There are a wide range of styles to match any style bathroom and the number of materials including ceramic, stone, metal, clay and even glass will make any bathroom look special. Make sure that you spend the time to view a wide selection of options, so you can select one that really makes you happy and proud of the new look of your bathroom.

Finally, consider new paint in each of your bathrooms. Paint is an underrated upgrade that can change the entire tone of a bathroom in one day. Try different colors including a few bold ones to completely change the mood. Paint is also cost effective and a great DIY project for you and your family to take on. In the end, you will be surprised at how a coat of paint can highlight your new bathtub and basin.

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