The Mighty Invention of a Chainsaw

The Mighty Invention of a Chainsaw

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Historically, the chainsaw was invented by a German orthopedist for medical purposes. Since then, it has evolved and now used for other purposes such as cutting of trees, pruning, harvesting of firewood, cutting of ice and so on. It is a portable machine, thereby, making it easy to be used wherever one desires. A chainsaw has a set of teeth, which are attached to a chain running along the guide bar.

The Mighty Invention of a Chainsaw

There are also more advanced and specialized chainsaws that are used for cutting of concrete. In earlier times, man would have to probably use an ax and physically cut down a tree. This used to be a tiring and time-consuming job. Now, with the creation of a chainsaw, it has become extremely easy and quick to get the job done in no time.


As technology advances so, do the tools. A chainsaw, now, has a number of inbuilt safety features so that it may not cause harm to its operator, which are mentioned below: –

  • There is a chain break, which makes the tool stop almost immediately by releasing the upper handle.
  • When using a machine one has to be sure that, his or her hands are protected as the most experienced one could also have accidents. The rear handle guard does exactly that. When the chain derails, it protects the user’s hands.
  • The chain catcher prevents the chain from hitting the user when the chain derails and instead hits the rear handle guard.
  • Safety links in the chain help the chain to cut slower than usual when the safety link is filled with saw chips.

Clothing is another important issue to look into when using a chainsaw. These machines can prove to be dangerous. Hence, it is always better to take appropriate preventions.

What is usually recommended and even dictated by law is to wear a helmet, goggles, safety gloves, ear protectors and trousers that are made of a material that would not cut through easily by a chainsaw. A jacket should be worn too as overall protection and boots, which have layers of fabric that protect against chainsaws.

It is possible to use the chainsaw by yourself and get the work done rather than hiring another person’s services. If you have received the know-how and some sort of training to use it and have the necessary clothing to be worn while using it. It is not a difficult machine to use, but still having knowledge of how it works and understanding the safety measures to adhere to are of utmost importance.


Just as every machine and tool require maintenance, so does a chainsaw. When you purchase this appliance, a manual is usually provided which has the operating instructions as well as how to maintain it. If not properly maintained, it might start rusting and eventually, it will stop working and be of no use. The ways to maintain it are: –

Inspect the baron a regular basis and clean it.

  • The manufacturer of the chainsaw would have provided directions on how to mix the fuel or which premixed fuel could be used. Do not use any other fuel apart from the one that has been approved.
  • Regularly check the air filter clean it and replace it whenever necessary.
  • Adjust the chain tension as and when required.
  • Examine the operation of the chain brake, oiler, chain catcher, and throttle lockout on a regular basis.
  • Therefore, by following, these simple steps your machine can last for a long time with no problems and can be used easily without any snags and hitches.

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