Polished Concrete Offers Unlimited Design Options

Polished Concrete Offers Unlimited Design Options


Rather than just sticking with bland grey concrete flooring, you can have a vibrant concrete floor that still retains its durability. Polished concrete allows for floor designs and class generally associated with pricier marble, granite or ceramic tile.

Polished Concrete Offers Unlimited Design Options

One of the reasons that polished concrete flooring has become so popular is the virtually unlimited design options available for it.

Polished concrete floors can be customized to cater to your particular brand or style. That is why so many business owners and homeowners are upgrading their existing concrete flooring to polished concrete.

To understand how aesthetically sound you can make your flooring, check out eight of the top design options available for polished concrete floors:


Aggregate is a material comprised of many smaller particles. You can find many colorful particles in aggregate as well. If you were to add this colorful aggregate to a mixture of concrete, it will become even shinier and brighter after you polish it in the end.


Glass comes in a variety of colors, too. One popular design to create with polished concrete is to add colorful glass onto the surface. This will almost look like there are small colorful crystals sticking out of the surface. After it is polished, the surface will feel flat and smooth to the person who steps on it.


Dyes are a classic coloring solution for concrete. Some people like to use stains, but you cannot achieve vibrant colors and tones with mere stains. Dyes create more vibrant color options for your concrete, such as purple, yellow and blue.

You can even create new colors by mixing existing colors together. It all depends on your aesthetic tastes.


Stenciled patterns have been available for concrete floors for just more than a decade.

Stenciling is very economical and gives you free rein to add all kinds of textures, colors, graphics, and patterns to the design of your concrete flooring. When you add the polish on top, it will make the patterns shine brightly.

Sea Shells

As an alternative to glass, you can add seashells to the surface of your concrete flooring. The polish will cause the ridges and texture of the shells to sparkle profusely.

The design will give your room an outdoor feeling as if you were walking on the sands of the ocean. Of course, the surface of the concrete will feel much smoother after the polish is added.

Metal Objects

If you really want to go for an industrial or automotive look, you can embed metal objects into your concrete surface. You can choose from any number of metal objects, including bolts, nails, and wrenches. There are really no right or wrong objects to use here. Let your creativity take over your actions.


Stains are something you can add to the existing surface and colors of your concrete flooring. Do not confuse stains with dyes. Dye colors are opaque, so they are solid and non-transparent.

However, stains create translucent color tones over the concrete. This produces a natural looking pattern or design that is like wood, stone, or marble.


Engravings are a classic way to design your polished concrete. Rather than adding materials to the concrete mixture while it’s still in liquid form, you will be making incisions into the concrete after it has already hardened.

Engraving requires someone who is a true artist because if you mess it up, you’ll have to redo that area again with new concrete. Once the engraving is done, the polish coating gets applied over it.

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