Modern Roof Designs That Will Fit Your New Home

Modern Roof Designs That Will Fit Your New Home


Out of all the features you select while building a new house, your roof will be the main one that will need your 100% attention. A roof is the one thing that will make a house look even more attractive. You need to make sure to get your roof just right according to your house. If you look out on the internet, you will find many roofing styles that you will like. So selecting the right roofing design and material is important.

Modern Roof Designs That Will Fit Your New Home
In this modern world, people are looking for everything that looks stylish and decent. So, for your new house, you would definitely want something decent yet something that gives a modern touch to the house. Yes, your roof can play a huge role in making your new house just the way you want it to be. Apart from selecting a good roof design, you also need to find the best Ann Arbor roofing contractors so they can install your roof properly.

If you are looking for some modern roof designs that fit the idea of your dream house, here are some ideas that you will definitely like.

1.A Flat Roof

A flat roof’s idea may sound a little boring to you, but this roof design makes a house look very modern in every way. You can design your flat roof in many ways and select the best roofing materials for it too. On a flat roof, you can also install solar panels so you can save up a huge amount on your electric bills. Building a flat roof is also very affordable to build.

You can also get creative and set your flat roof up by putting relaxing chairs and a table so you can have some quiet time with an amazing view.

2.Curved Roof

You will get a lot of options if you choose a curved roof. You can shape your roof the way you want and that is a big plus. Other than the fact that curved roofs are very pleasing to look at, they also offer a lot of other advantages too. With a curved roof, you will never get water or snow build- up. You can also use any roofing material for a curved roof.

3.Gable Roof

Yes, gable roofs are one of the oldest roof designs but you can show your creative side and turn it new. For a modern gable roof, you can add glass windows or a dormer window with glass panels. It will make look very pleasing from the outside. Gable roofs are also very easy to design and install, and you can choose any roofing material that you like.

4.Butterfly Roof

Looking for a unique and modern roof design? You should consider a butterfly roof then. They are not very common and give a very luxurious look. Because of the design, butterfly roofs are extremely wind and weather resistant.

Because butterfly roof has high slopes, you can install larger windows in your house.

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