How Much Water Is Too Much for Tree Care

How Much Water Is Too Much for Tree Care

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Trees are a beautiful element of nature that requires care and maintenance in order to thrive in any climate. Trees that are under-watered or over-watered will not flourish to their full potential. Because trees cannot notify us when their watering needs are met, it is important to pay attention to the natural signs they give us.

How Much Water Is Too Much for Tree Care

Check The Moisture Level In The Soil

As a general rule, the soil around a tree should always have an observable moisture content. However, there is a difference between moist and soggy. You can check the level of moisture in the soil in a couple of ways:

Try to stick a screwdriver into the soil below the tree – if it is difficult to do, your tree likely needs more water.
Dig approximately 6 inches into the ground; if that soil is soggy rather than cool and moist, you have likely watered the tree too much. If the soil crumbles in your hand, the tree surely needs more water.

Signs Of An Over-Watered Tree

  • Soggy soil
  • The continually wet area around the tree
  • Leaves that break easily
  • Algae and moss growing around the tree

Growth that withers before reaching maturity

Should you notice signs of over-watering, it is important that you stop watering for a week or two, making sure to check the soil intermittently so that it does not become too dry. Once the soil is dry again, then water with a much less amount. If you are not over-watering, but still noticing consistent wetness, take time to inspect the area surrounding your trees to determine where the excess water is coming from.

Signs Of An Under-Watered Tree

  • Dry, crumbly soil
  • Wilted, curled leaves
  • Off-color or undersized leaves
  • Sparse canopy or premature seasonal leaf drop

Ideal Watering For Trees

Getting the optimal water levels for your individual trees can be reached by remembering a few general suggestions:

  • The bigger the tree, the larger the quantity of water needed
  • If changes in weather patterns are providing extra water, it might be a good idea to cut back on additional watering
  • Know the type of trees you have and how drought resistant they are. By researching your tree’s needs, you will know if they require higher amounts of
  • water or if they can withstand long periods without it
  • Check moisture levels once or twice a month for non-desert trees and once a week for desert trees

Las Vegas Tree Care

While water is critical to the survival of trees, it can also be detrimental to the overall health and growth of the tree if it is over-watered. Nevada Tree Service has extensive experience in maintaining and caring for Las Vegas trees. Call us today at (702) 433-4700 if you are unsure on the amount of water your trees are getting or for a free estimate on providing your trees the service they need to fix either under or over-watering.

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