How Can You Protect Your Roof During Hurricane Season

How Can You Protect Your Roof During Hurricane Season?


When a Hurricane season hits, your roof would certainly be one of those areas of your home which are more likely to get damaged. Since roof problems can lead to other serious structural issues, it is really important to take a pragmatic approach towards Hurricane season and storm damage. If your roof is older, it is even more important to prevent the leaks.

How Can You Protect Your Roof During Hurricane Season

Whether you have a lot of DIY experience or not, you can still keep your roof prepared for the Hurricane season. It is a quite easy task following some little repairs and reinforcements. This way, your roof will stand better and stronger for the upcoming storm strikes.

Here are a few tips you can simply follow and imply.

Replace Old Shingles

Can you see any worn down or damaged shingles on your roof? If yes, replace those shingles with products which have high wind resistance capabilities. Standard asphalt shingle is predicted to withstand windstorms having a speed of 150 miles per hour approximately.

It is wise to treat loose or damaged shingles with high-quality roofing sealers. They will provide with high-level protection against winds and storms by keeping the shingles in place.

Seal the Gaps

You need to keep a check on areas where gaps may get appeared. If you are able to detect any of these gaps, you can shut them off by using water-resistant sealers. It will help in preventing the leakage and other severe problems which might arise due to heavy storms of Hurricane season.

Reinforce Your Roof

You can add a roofing reinforcement by the intersection of wood pieces across your roof joist. It can really help in saving your roof from extremely bad conditions. However, it is recommended to hand over this project to some reliable and renowned roofing contractors Canton Michigan. They will have a better idea about how to get done with this reinforcement in a professional way. If you still plan to do it all by yourself, be sure that you leave the space of a foot and the half between each row.

Redirect Rainwater

The last yet the most important tip is to keep a check on all gutters and downspouts. They must not be clogged with debris i.e. rock, leaves, dirt, sticks, and so much more. Make sure you clear everything out instantly.

Secondly, you must also check downspouts to see whether they are redirecting the water off your roof or not. It is quite important because downspouts fail to function properly during Hurricane season. It poses danger not only on the roof but also to the basement of your home. The rainwater might get assembled which can result in flooding as well.

Make sure that you follow these tips carefully to prepare your roof for the upcoming Hurricane season. If you still end up experiencing any wind damage, by extremely bad luck, feel free to call a renowned professional for your help.

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