Asian Décor – the Latest Trend in Room Décor

Asian Décor – the Latest Trend in Room Décor

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The western world is finally opening up to embrace the Asian style of décor. The colorful, relaxed and fun way of decorating as per the Asian Style has fascinated the western world. But people normally get confused as to what is Asian Style of Décor? It is basically a style of décor that incorporates the classic décor style of Asian countries like India, Japan, Sri Lanka etc.

One can either go in for a typical country wise décor like Japanese or India style or can mix and match effect and go in for the so-called Asian Style. Here are few ways of decorating home as per Asian Style

Wall Color: The wall color changes according to the décor style of each country. It starts from neutral shades as used in Japanese décor and moves to warmer tones like orange and purple as seen in Indian décor. More bright and bold colors like red and black are prominently used when it comes to Chinese décor.

Wall Color

Flooring: In early times, wooden and bamboo flooring was very popular in Asian style decor. But due to the high cost involved in this type of flooring, people are moving over to modern styles like granite and marble which are easy to maintain as well.

Rugs: One can hardly imagine Asian style décor sans rugs. The world-famous Oriental rugs come in different varieties and patterns, like hand weaved, hand tufted, machine made, floral print, geometric print etc. Each rug carries with it the tradition and flavor of the country from where it originated.

For eg, Chinese rugs are mainly made of Chinese silk and carry with it motifs related to Buddhism and Taoism and used Apricot, blue and yellow as its main colors. Persian rugs are inspired by the tile works and geometric shapes as seen in ancient Islamic buildings.

Traditional Rugs

Furniture: Furniture made of wood or bamboo is ideal for Asian style décor. For Chinese style décor, painted or glossy furniture can be used. Furniture is normally upholstered in bright and bold colors. Cushions with embroidery and mirror work and in Chinese silk and cotton are widely used in Asian style. Drapery also comes in nonsynthetic fabric like cotton and silk.

Accessories: What makes the Asian style décor stand out from the rest are the home décor accessories that are put to use. Since each Asian country has its own artifacts and souvenirs, one can mix and match these to get a pure Asian style. The dragon and Feng Shui accessories from China, wooden toys and mural paintings from India etc can all be made a part of Asian style of décor.

Another important feature of Asian style décor is the importance attached to natural elements like air and sunlight. Hence if you have plans of doing up your home in Asian style, make sure that your home has an abundant supply of these natural elements. Only then you can call in an Asian decor in the real sense.

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