5 Best Blooming Bulbs for Spring

5 Best Blooming Bulbs for Spring

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You have spent a long winter in the indoors of your house and you might have been craving for some color and sunshine. One of the best ways how you can prepare for the spring is by planting the best blooming bulbs for spring.

5 Best Blooming Bulbs for Spring

Here are few examples of some really fascinating flowers that can help you in beginning the blossoming.

Crocus– These flowers are shaped like a jewel and look sensational when they are planted in the large natural swathes across the rockeries and lawns. You can even try crocus cancellations which is an unusual variety from Turkey. They are one of the blooms that really look delicate.

Tulip– These blooms are available in various colors and shape which makes it really difficult and confusing to choose one out of them. You can also choose the double flowers and the fascinating colors of Tulip Purple Wow.

Pleione– Pleione formosana is one of the most beautiful orchids that can grow either in a sheltered border or on a windowsill. It is quite easy to grow and the delightful blooms will come back every year.

Lily of the valley– It is famous for its breathtaking sprays and perfumes from the elegant white flowers. Once this bloom is planted, it forms a lush green sheet of foliage that can make some excellent ground cover for a shady and damp spot. It looks pretty-well jeweled with raindrops after every light shower. It is just beautiful.

Muscari– Muscari is popularly known as Grape Hyacinths and is considered among the best blooming bulbs for spring. These blooms are quite easy to grow and can produce different colors such as purple, white, pink and blue. The colors totally depend on the species. They are most commonly seen in the bouquets and lawns.

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